A man's home is his castle.

Things have changed since the Middle Ages. Horses have been replaced by cars, busses, subways and airplanes for transportation. Court Jesters have been replaced by some politicians, television, radio, video games and iPods® for entertainment. Moats have been replaced by security systems, alarms and dead bolts. However, the most important human necessities have not changed in the last several hundred years. Walls, a roof, protection and personal space are as important in today’s society as they were in the days of Knights and peasants.

A quality living space, fit for a King, is difficult to find in New York City or other major cities on a pauper’s salary. That is where Castle Peak Management can help. Castle Peak has affordable units in apartment buildings that fit nearly any kind of style or location requirement. Castle Peak has buildings on the Upper East Side, Lower East Side, and Chelsea areas of Manhattan, the North Bronx, and even East Hartford, Connecticut.

Castle Peak Management’s buildings do not have dungeons or stables, but they do have amenities that are important by today’s standards: up-to-date appliances, studios, lofts, 1-bedroom, 2-bedrooms, and, most important, affordability. If a castle is not in your budget or unrealistic to your location needs, a Castle Peak Management apartment is always a reasonable substitute. View our site for available units, or call (718) 766-9266 or (914) 835-4864 for information.