About Us

In a city of over 7 million people, finding a space to call your own is difficult. Manhattan is a world hub of many things: business, trade, entertainment, food, etcetera. Living near work and play is essential for productivity, excitement and relaxation. There are so many different personalities of New York City that each section of the city has its own flavor; from Wall Street to Harlem, Chelsea to Alphabet City, Greenwich Village to Times Square, the Bronx to Coney Island. All of these areas have a life of their own.

Knowing the City is essential to survival, and Castle Peak Management has survived. Our founder was an Italian immigrant who settled in the Yorkville section of Manhattan in the early 1900’s. To provide for his family, Castle Peak’s founder started a small, family-operated grocery store. As the grocery business grew and improved, the family patriarch realized that just as important as providing food to his neighbors was the need for affordable shelter. Consequently, the first acquisition was the building where the grocery store was located. The family lived in one of the apartments above the store and the remaining apartments were occupied by neighborhood customers. [That first building on 89th Street and York Avenue is still family-owned and operated.] As they say, "the rest is history".

Although known by several business names over the ensuing decades, Castle Peak Management has been family owned and operated since that first building was purchased and rented in Yorkville. The City has changed quite a bit since then, but Castle Peak has been able to adapt and grow within the City that has offered opportunity to so many. One advantage that Castle Peak has over other property management companies is that they manage properties that they own. This means that every property is important and maintained with the same care as the next. The owners take pride in their properties.

Castle Peak Management owns and manages properties throughout Manhattan and the Bronx. In addition, with recent acquisitions in surrounding suburbs and Connecticut, Castle Peak continues to grow and reach into more areas in and around New York City. Castle Peak currently has properties on Manhattan’s Upper and Lower East Side, as well as the North Bronx and East Hartford, Connecticut. Now with the 4th generation’s involvement in Castle Peak, experience and building management knowledge are passed down like an heirloom. This family experience and professionalism is important and essential in making their tenants happy.

Apartments and buildings are renovated and updated to accommodate the most modern appliances and features. With many different layout designs and features, there is something for every budget, personality, and lifestyle. Whether a ground-floor studio is your preference, or a spacious top-floor two bedroom is more practical, or something in-between, Castle Peak has the resources to fit you needs.

With availability status changing every week, check back often to see what Castle Peak has to offer. From its creation, a vital part of Castle Peak’s goal has been to provide quality, affordable housing and this remains our mission.